About us

It all started as a big idea in a small garage.

We had the notion that you do not have to be independently wealthy to have a great Mac or get a loan to fix it.

Why put your Mac in a landfill when all it needs is a little love?   That got us started.

Our online parent company has been in business since 1990, with an early e-commerce venture in 1994 selling refurbished Mac products online.  We continue on Amazon and eBay today.

Wedge formed out of a necessity in 2014 as there was no Mac repair shops locally.

Wedge has rapidly become THE “Mac Place” of Columbia.  We service, repair and upgrade all Mac products from iPhones to iMacs, sell refurbished Macs from iPhones to iMacs, do custom builds and offer IT services for small businesses.  Our crew is known around the country for inventions and special processes for Macs.

We offer small business development tools with database and iOS app development, with medical, corporate management, corporate development and succession planning apps in use on three continents.

Business requires innovation.  That’s our middle name. We’ve created upgrade cards for Macs, repair kits, adaptors, new circuit boards, displays, and innovated ways to do repairs which were thought impossible. 

Today our prototyping and product development area is twice the size of our service department, as we help other folks pursue their big ideas.

Got an idea for your business? We can help!

So when you come into our shop, you’ll get to rub elbows with some of the best Mac knowledge in the world!