Software Development

Every Business is Different…

We began as a service team in 2004 developing internal data systems for our own international service groups, and then we started assisting other businesses and agencies with IT solutions.

Our focus is bringing productivity and profitability through IT solutions that match your business.

  1. Businesses need effective information and production solutions for profitability and productivity.
  2. Information and production solutions must be developed and implemented in a manner that is organic to a business’ workflow in order to minimize disruption.

Our expertise in Filemaker Pro allows us to serve small business, agencies and non-profits with database packages tailored for maximum efficiency and security.

We provide FileMaker Pro database development, enhancement and automation for a host of versions.

  • FMP versions 8.0-17
  • FMP Server & Advanced Server (FMPA 9.0-17)

Our small business roots makes us as an ally of small service groups and budget-minded agencies, and we are committed to feeding the success of our clients. We value our client relationships, and we understand that the value of time is key to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Solution Driven

Since business information issues are complex, we do not seek quick answers or simple “fixes.” We are solution-driven, so our solution process will involve questions, research, and analysis thus resulting in the best solution for our clients. We find that development or enhancement of a business product that is organic to your business environment is far more effective for our client than a “canned” package.

Call us for a no-cost discussion; we will help you find what fits your business.