IT Solutions

We are all about enabling small business to succeed. We ARE small business, so we know how small business functions.

Wedge began as a service team in 2004, developing our internal data systems for our own international service groups, and then to assist other businesses and agencies by providing IT solutions. Services now include data management, IT infrastructure and catastrophic data loss prevention, as well as hardware support.

Our IT Support for Small Business Includes:

  • OS X & Unix-based scripting for local or WAN data management
  • OS X server management and support
  • Unix-based firewall and router management
  • Remote IT management and support nationwide
  • On-site and off-site hardware support of Mac and Unix-based systems
  • IP phone system development and integration – single or multi-site systems

Our desire is to assist your small business in achieving long-term success through well-planned implementation of data solutions.

Call us for a no-cost discussion of your needs. Working together, we’ll help make your success story!